To War!

Harris, Rosenberg - April 2023

Key of Gm or Cm

I travelled in the World, but the World was lost,
I took my gun from its holster and I hung it on the cross,
I wiped the sweat from my brow with the back of my hand,
I stood up to be counted in the place that I stand,
That I stand.

Then I cried aloud to Jesus, but the child was grown and moving on,
The scribbled lines thus betrayed us, like the canticles that followed,
That followed us along.

Whilst the standing stones just stood there with our voices hanging in the air,
You passed the Golden Chalice and deep we drank of our despair,
We grabbed our swords and our horses and off we rode,
Just like before:
To war!
To war!
To war!
To war!

So take your sword,
Grab it by the hilt,
The flesh shall be seared,
The blood shall be split,
United we stand,
Divided we fall,
We're all just fodder for Beakhead and Deathclaw.

And so my love: we stand hand-in-hand,
We grab our battle-torn banner, Of our raggle-taggle band,
United we stood,
Divided we fell,
Yet the ravens know our flesh far too well.