Radish - Radish II (a.k.a. Fractal Radish)

Published 1990 by Radish Music

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Track list

  1. Only twat's .... (MP3)
  2. Realise (MP3)
  3. Double Spiral (parts I and II) (MP3)
  4. The Whirling Derbishires (MP3)
  5. Tomorrow (MP3)
  6. "Hidden" Bonus Track! (MP3)
  7. The Wizard's Herb (parts I and II) (MP3)
  8. Sweet Magic (MP3)
  9. Exponential Lobster 4 (MP3)
  10. Death by torture (MP3)
  11. The out of dope blues (MP3)


Sleeve notes

Produced by Radish. Mixed by Dan Grace, Mike Harris and Andy Lim. Recorded by Arnold. Keyboard technician: Dan Grace, Engineered by Radish. Recorded and mixed at Grace Studios, England. Cover design by Dan Grace and Mike Harris. Cover graphic by GH Fractal Laboratories. All tracks copyright 1990 the authors and radish (c)/(p) 1990 Radish Music.

Thanks to: All the neighbours who put with the noise, Derek for the loan of his bass amp, Neil for the loan of a CZ1000 synth, Jon for extra vocals on Whirling Derbishires, all the people who contributed towards towards any of the tracks on this tape but who are not credited as such (you know who you are), everybody who has listened to this tape during its various stages of production, Gollum, Tony for his violin (which we didn't use) and everybody else including the lady at the library on Thursday.

To make a convinient break in the programme the recorded sides may be of unequal length. Please spool to the end of the tape before playing other side. This stereo tape will give perfect mono reproduction on mono equipment. All rights of the producer and owner of recorded work reserved, unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this tape prohibited. Not recorded using Dolby Noise Reduction. Manufactured in the UK by Radish Music. Printed in England.


Only twat's ....

Music: Lim, lyrics: Lim/Harris/Grace

I used to like to have a lie-in on Sundays,
But the twat next door plays Happy Mondays,
You know I'd rather listen to Songs of Praise,
Because indy music's just a murkey haze,
I went to the pub with my mates for a drink,
Went over to the juke-box to put on some Pink,
But all they had was that indy crap,
So I put on Inspiral Carpets and felt a right twat,

Cos only twat's play indy music loud.

I was standing in Our Price when someone said "oh gosh!",
"it's the new LP by Guru Josh",
Then another twat said "yeah, that's not half bad",
I thought I was going completely mad,
Then his girlfriend said "Here's Kylie Minogue",
"appearing on video with En Vogue",
I suddenly felt my stomach churn,
So I turned around and barfed all over her,

Cos only twat's play indy music loud.

Toking on a reefer in the garden one day,
I was getting really mellow and I wanted to stay,
But some indy music came over the fence,
And I laughed because it was all a great pretence,
The novelty wore off when I realised,
That this twat was very stupid and his jeans were oversized,
And he'd had six tabs of ecstacy,
So he turned around and started shagging a hedgehog,

Cos only twat's play indy music loud.


Music: Harris/Lim/McCollum/Grace, lyrics: Harris

Every day I look out upon this world with these eyes,
I see the people's smiling faces,
But there is a message looming up there in the skies,
That'll but us humans in out places,

Hey do you realise,
Our little small lives,
Ain't worth tuppance in history,
And though the world's in a state,
We still think we're so great,
But it's been fucked up by you and me,

Love, life and happiness are all a person seeks,
And to earn oneself a single buck,
We rob the poor and we terrorise the weak,
We just couldn't give a fuck,

Us people and the animals all live here,
We ought to live in harmony,
For fur we slaughter seals and for fun we murder deer,
You just can't call that ecology,

Double Spiral (part I)

Music: Lim/Grace/McCollum/Harris, lyrics: Grace

Rusted minds and rotten souls, where do they rest?
Withered hearts and shattered dreams, where do they rest?

They once were there but now they've gone, sucked up by the past,
Minerals and the spiral of life are the only things that last,

Long lost skills and things of the past, where do they rest?
Fogotten inspirations, where do they rest?

Dictators and heroes all must fall away,
Gullable strangers eventually go astray,

Respect for the other ones what locked it away,
Innocence of the child's mind turned to grey,

Double Spiral (part II)

Music: Harris/Lim/Lewis/McCollum/Grace, lyrics: Grace

Oh life does not last so long,

But don't you feel small by the Sun,

We build upon the past,

And sow the future,

Oh today will soon be gone,

But life rolls on,

Oh life rolls on,

The Whirling Derbishires

Music and lyrics: Harris/Lim/Grace

We're the Whirling Derbishires,
We like to whirl all day,
And when we've done a particularly good whirl,
We shout "Hip, hip, hooray!".


Music: Harris/Lim/Grace, lyrics: Harris

It wasn't until yesterday that I realised who you were,
You are a person not a vacant individual,
And as your prescence interrogates my mind,
A different form of solitude I find,
And I contemplate tomorrow, yes I contemplate tomorrow,

And until this moment I'd seen you all the time,
But all I want today is you your attention to be mine,
And this feeling inside of subsued anticipation,
Will formulate inside my mind some contemplation,
And I contemplate tomorrow, yes I contemplate tomorrow,

Each day goes by I try so hard to see if I can reach you,
But the forest is too thick, far to dense for me to get through,
And I dream to be beside you, the perfect company,
But the road's too hard and stony to make this reality,
And I contemplate tomorrow, yes I contemplate tomorrow,

The Wizard's Herb (part I)

Music: Grace/Lim

The Wizard's Herb (part II)

Music: Lim/Grace

Sweet Magic

Music: Grace/Harris/Lim/McCollum, lyrics: Grace

If the ancient oak did blossom,
In meadows green and lush,
If the dried up rivers flowed,
Would we see sweet magic blush?

Oh sweet magic on a breeze,
Whisper in my ear,
Show me the way to paradise,
And catch my falling tear,

If all warriors threw their weapons down,
When the white dove's singing starts,
And we met our foe with open arms,
Would sweet magic fill our hearts?

If our men of power,
Cared about the seas,
The trees and the air,
Would we feel the magic breeze?

Exponential Lobster 4

Music: Grace/Harris/Lim, lyrics: Harris

Trout, minnow, shark, sparrow,
Surgeon, angelfish, lumpsucker, carp,
A red beast from under the sea,
Situated on a curve between two perpendicular lines,
He's the Exponential Lobster,

Bernard Matthews Turkey Steaks,
Kids, dogs, fish, whales,
Sparrows, carps, pikes, larks,

Dogfish, catfish, pufferfish, clownfish,
Stingray, lumpsucker, nosefish,
Swordfish, lots of fish, radish, little-toe fish,

Fish on a dish with radish my friend,
Fish on a dish ....

Death by torture

Music: Lim

The out of dope blues

Music: Lim/Harris/Grace/McCollum, lyrics: Lim/Harris

Woke up in the morning, got out of bed,
Alarm clock was ringing and man it hurt my head,
Stumbled to the bathroom and Jesus what a stink!
Empty tinnies down the privvy and roach-ends in the sink,
Went down to the kitchen to make myself a brew,
Turned the television on, can't think of nothing to do,
Man I am so lonesome, feel like jumping off a cliff,
I've got an awful headache and I really need a spliff,

I've got the blues,
The out of dope blues,
I've got the blues,
The out of dope blues,
Cos I've got no ganja baby,
And I don't know what I'm gonna do,

Tried to roll some roach-ends but they were burnt to the card,
The remains of the mix in the bong were all dried out and hard,
Grovelled on the carpet to try and find some crumbs,
To put between two papers and draw into my lungs,
Wish I had some money to go and buy some blow,
But Dealer McDope was arrested and I wouldn't know where to go,
Went down to the basement but the plants were gone from the shelf,
My mother had always told me about drugs,
But she took them and smoked them herself.

All recordings and lyrics copyright (c) 1990 Radish. Except the Bonus Track that was written by someone else. Permission to download the recordings and to print and reproduce the lyrics contained within this web page and strictly for non-commercial purposes only is hereby granted.