Fallen Leaves*

Moir, O'Harris and O'Kennedy, Autumn 1995

Download an MP3 of this song. Sean and Mike: weird street music and tape effects, Mike speaking, Iain flute.

Fallen leaves of autumnal skies,
tomorrow is yesterday,
blink of an eye,

The changing seasons transcend today,
spring becomes fall,
summer far away,

And what of the leaf that lies on the ground?
the greenness of summer,
turns autumn-brown,

What of our lives moted with age?
time races on at the turn of a page,

What will become of our history?
flotsam and jetsam in time's endless sea,

Our we making mistakes?
we will never know,
we put our feet forward,
leaves crunching below.

(c) 1995 Mike Harris, Sean Moir and Iain Kennedy. For rights, I reserve my rights to this work as my own. The recordings of the pieces may be freely downloaded, shared and performed; song long as it is for non-commercial purposes and so long as I am credited as the original author and so long as you are happy to share recordings of your performances and intepretations of the pieces. The lyrics may be copied and reproduced in part or whole, use them as you wish so long as it is for non-commercial purposes.

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