Far and Wide
(Lejos y por todos lados)

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Acordes: D5 (RE5) C9 (DO9) A9sus4 (LA9sus4)

Rain in your eyes,
Such a surprise,
A place in the sun,
Where you never want for nothing,
But always yearn for something,
And changing your looks is only,
A fatal façade.

Travelling from far and wide,
This planet in which we all walk,
Collected at this point right here,
An infinite impossibility,
Through inner-city jungles,
Writing all your poetry upon,
The warn-out concrete walls.

Acordes: Dm (REm) C9 (DO9)

Did you ever get the feint impression,
Of being herded into the fold?
And did you ever think that under this impression,
There'd be nothing left for you to be sold?
And don't you say to me,
That this life, it ain't for free,
I'll choose my direction, I'll choose my confessions,
There's nothing to hold us to this reality.