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Acordes: Em (MIm) Asus2 (LAsus2)

It may not look so terrible,
To all you over there,
But to those of us in England,
Who just don't seem to care,
Whilst the gutter-filth-rats,
Treat our royalty like meat,
Guzzuling them greedily,
They spew them on the street.

Instrumental: Em7 (MIm7) - Em7+G (MIm7+SOL) - Asus4 (LAsus4) - A (LA) - A7sus4 (LA7sus4) - A (LA)

And you're so stacked up with drugs,
That you just cannot see,
The yanks are on the doorstep,
Their selling us the dream,
Britannia's mighty trident,
Laying idle at her side,
As the rock of Britain crumbles,
And we begin to slide,

Instrumental: Em7 (MIm7) - Em7+G (MIm7+SOL) - Asus4 (LAsus4) - A (LA) - A7sus4 (LA7sus4) - A (LA)

You negotiate the sidewalks,
And drive down the pavement,
Well you're all stacked up with new ideas,
And you haven't paid your rent,
There's a thousand places you can go,
And a million things to do,
'Cept being here in England,
Is the only one for you,

And here I am pretending,
Not to hurt and not to care,
Sometimes I try to kid myself,
There's no tear-drops to spare,
I'm waiting for that revolution,
But the day'll never come,
It hides away in mock pretense,
With it's people on the run.

Segunda parte: E (MI) G (SOL) A (LA) E (MI)

Sister, why did you cry? Cos you saw the good old spirit die?

Brother, why did you fight? Cos you thought that that was what was right?
Mother, why don't we know? Flailing around in life's ebb and flow,
Father, why can't you see? Don't you know that this is my history?

Tercera parte: Em (MIm) Cmaj7 (DOmaj7) B7 (SI7)

I look our from my window through the rain and through the mist,
Just can't seem to understand just cannot get the gist,
Of how the wheels work, y'know, and what's inside their heads,
To vandalise our essence, then lie idle in our beds,
And I turn on the TV set, the cruise never ends,
New people spouting some old crap to their same slimey little friends.

Cuarta parte: E (MI) G (SOL) A (LA) E (MI) (instrumental)

Quinta parte: Em (MIm) Asus2 (LAsus2)

Half the population has an apathy that kills,
The other half continuously pop their protein pills,
That's England today babe,
Why can't you see?
That's England today babe,
Come have a spliff with me ....