Candlelight Dancing
(Baila la luz de la vela)

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Letra por Mike Harris

Acordes: Am (LAm) Dm (REm) E (MI)

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Am - Dm - Am - E - Am

Candlelight dancing in the depth of the night,
I watch you from where I want to,
Caressing the shadows with your golden light,
I know that you'll always be true,

Dm - Am - E - Am


How could I ever feel something like this,
Could be nothing that I ever knew all the answers,
The questions you asked me to be?

I watch the tallow as it falls from your shoulders,
And becomes another part of you,
You could not last always, you burn oh so brightly,
Your existence I know to be true,


Solo: C-Em, C-Em, C-Em, D-F, E-E-Am

The glint in her hair as it falls to the shoulder,
And kisses the nape of her neck,
Reflexion of light that you give to us now,
In the depths of the night we are bound,

We smile and we laugh as the wine slides on down,
And I catch that look in your eyes,
Our dreams will be sundered, our graves will be plundered,
Before the morning is nigh,


I touch your hand and steal off with the moment,
That we saw inside ourselves,
Giving the reason, the answer I asked you to be,

The moment is gone,
It left all of a sudden,
Almost in the blink of an eye,
You turn your head to me and look at me strangely,
And I see that glint in your eye,
Moments like this, they just can't be explained,
But I'll hold them until the day that I die,