Breakdown at breakneck speed
(Crisis nerviosa a toda velocidad)

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Acordes: Dm (REm) Bb7 (SIb7) A7 (LA7)

And in the end there was nothing left,
Or at least that's what I thought,
There sat a soul, sulking, so bereft,
Out of step and out of sorts,
Hey don't you know that the Sun's gone down,
And there ain't no light of day?
I see the questioning, burrowed frown,
And I know it won't go away,
Until you've said what you meant to say,
Or maybe I should tell you what you shall say?

Someone said that the Sun went down,
But I forgot to look,
I took my coat off and hung my hat,
On your polished marble hook,
And then I turned to speak to you,
But I could hardly think,
It's at this point that a stronger man,
Would turn-away to drink,

On the edge you smoke your last cigarette,
And ponder your life away,
Staring out it all seems so far away now,
You watch the fag-end falling away,
As you race to your grave on the way,
Did you enjoy your last fag anyway?
Cos if you didn't you missed out,
Because the last one is always the best,
Yeah the last one is always the best,
Yeah the last cigarette is the best,

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Acordes: Em-Em7 (MI-MIm7) Fmaj7 (FAmaj7)

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Acordes: Am (LAm) Fmaj (FA) Emaj (MI)

Have a breakdown at breakneck speed,
And get it over with today,
No time to wallow in the doldrums,
You won't get far that way,
I tell you that a lot of other people say,
That we're just not created that way,
But don't you listen to their bullshit,
And have a breakneck breakdown,
Have a breakneck breakdown,
Have a breakneck breakdown today.