Radish - Blue Aardvark (a.k.a. The Sonic Aardvark and His Blue Sword of Sound)

Published 1991 by Radish

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The Blue Aardvark

Track list

  1. Needlegun (MP3)
  2. Moonlight Shadow (MP3)
  3. Space Trilogy (MP3)
  4. Isn't it Fun? (MP3)
  5. Punkadiddle (MP3)
  6. Marasmus (MP3)
  7. The Wizard's Herb (parts II to VIII) (MP3)


Sleeve notes

Please note that there is no mention on this tape of: kangaroos, knob cheese, Pete "Presley" Lewish (wanker)(sic), The Sixth Form Centre (fucking wankers), lobsters (exponential or otherwise), chickens (techno- or otherwise), drugs (sorry), magic rings, but we've managed to put a few logs in to keep you happy!

Cover arranged by Andy Lim and Derek Gladding. FUCK OFF SPRAGUE. All songs are copyright 1991 by Radish, except the ones that are by someone else.


Space Trilogy

Grace, McCollum, Lim, Harris


Isn't it Fun?

Harris, Lim, Grace, McCollum

Sitting here alone,
Nothing I can do,
Just me and my guitar,
And lonesome thoughts of you,

The black manacing night,
Penetrates my window pane,
And shines darkness on my soul,
I shed a desperate tear in vain,
With my fretboard clutched tightly in my hand,
As if to quosh a deadly thirst,
I being to understand,
And I engage myself in verse,

Isn't it fun to be alive,
To dance and sing and joke and jive,
And life brings more fun each day,
With lots of time to skip and play,
And happy cos all the while,
On your face is a great big smile,
And life is always so much fun,
Being nice to everyone,

You can never be upset and never get pissed off,
Because everyone's so kind,
Yes life really is the tops,

You just look forward to the next day,
Cos you know everything's going to go your way,
And you'll be glad about who you meet,
And they will think you're really neat,
And you'll never have the blues,
Because everyone will love you,
And enjoy your company,
And understand what you can see,

And life is always so much fun,
Doing things for everyone,
And they'll always appreciate,
Your effort and they'll think you're great,
The most fun time's saving face,
Being quiet and knowing your place,
And your friends will still like you,
Cos the only one you hurt is you,



Prison without words that's what it seems to be,
This lonely frustration, a dream that cannot be,
Like a caged animal with no bars to surround,
A lost and hopeless cause I stumble around,

Running around in an endless labyrinth,
Each turning looking like the last,
Now matter which way I turn to run,
The present is just remnants of the past,

My meaning meets its nadir as I spiral into space,
It's all too fucking real, I cower in disgrace,
The flames build up around me and burn me with their fire,
A scolded worthless piece of shit sinking down into the mire,

Plumetting endlessly down this deep chasm,
Soaring out into nothingness,
You have to laugh, you laugh, you cry,
Crippled by sweet form and bitterness,

My fallacy begins to wane, this face is growing thin,
And now I have to answer to my pathetic doctrine,
Is flies around inside my mind and gouges out myself,
And tears my heart and soul away with such marasmic stealth,

And passing momentously away from my soul,
The answers that I sought, my ultimate goal,
This lack of contentment, the reason to be,
Lying here in my darkness there's nothing but me,

The Wizard's Herb (parts III-VIII)

Music and lyrics: Harris/Lim/Grace

The Wizard's Herb (part III)


The Wizard's Herb (part IV)

The moutain stood before them,
It's green cloak draped around,
And there the people gathered to find,
The purple wizard in his purple mound,

The strongest villagers,
Were gathered that day,
They had find an answer,
To flush, to flush the evil away,

Many dangers they encountered,
As they travelled down the road,
A nasty band of elflings,
And a horrible, a horrible poisonous toad,

They arrived at the wizard's mound,
But the wizard wasn't in,
He was crashed out under a juniper bush,
Completely, completely pissed on gin,

The Wizard's Herb (part V)


The Wizard's Herb (part VI)


The Wizard's Herb (part VII)

The people had a problem,
With a dragon near the town,
He dropped his logs from the sky upon them,
And turned their houses brown,

The wizard said he'd help the men,
And cast a spell that day,
A purple light came from his hands,
To banish, to banish the torpedoes away,

The wizard cast a corking spell,
To block that orafice,
And the dragon soon exploded,
And he covered, he covered the land in shit!

The Wizard's Herb (part VIII)

Diddly-li-di, li-da-li!

Everybody's happy now,
Oh can't you see,
We've cleaned up the mess,
And the land is shit free,
We hope that you've enjoyed,
This tail that you've heard,
Now think very carefully,
Next time you do a turd!

Diddly-li-di, li-da-li!

Copyright (c) 1991 Radish.