GFA Source Code

The Fractal Engine v3.0 was written in 1992/1993 using GFA Basic and 68000 assembly language and is probably the most developed piece of software I have ever co-ordinated (it probably took about 18 man months of development time.) In our opinion GFA was the best development tool on the Atari ST (unlike most implementations of Basic the compiled code was very fast considering the speed of the hardware.) One feature that makes GFA unique (as far as I know and I have used many development tools since,) is the ability to squash procedures and functions into a single line in the text editor. Using this feature one could cope with larger source files than is usually practicle.

I have lost the soft copy of the 68000 assembly language routines for the fixed point arithmetic routines that implemented 32-bit and 16-bit drawing routines. However the floating point algorithms are intact in the main GFA source.

Click here to download the GFA source code for the Fractal Engine & other GFA graphics programs.

For those not familiar with GFA there are some non-standard symbols used to type cast the variables: ! = boolean, | = byte, & = 16 bit signed integer, % = 32 bit signed integer.

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