Download Fractal Engine v3.0

The Fractal Engine v3.0 was originally developed for the Atari ST range of computers, however it is possible to run it on most micro computer systems with the use of a suitable emulator. There are various features that make FE3 unique among Fractal generators (e.g. the ability to draw realistic 3D Julia set landscapes, see the Gallery for examples) so we feel that it is still worth while using FE3. Also with a relatively new pentium PC you can run FE3 faster than was ever possible with an Atari ST compatible. We have tested the basic functionality of FE3 under Windows 95 using PaCifST and under Linux using STonX (homepage.) In the event that some of the links no longer work, you may find general information on Atari emulation at Atari ST emulation support.

Follow these instructions to get FE3 running under Windows 95 (recommended hardware P166 with 16Mb of ram and 1Mb free disk-space.)

    Download FEv3.0

    Download the PaCifST emulator, it is available at Download a version of the TOS operating system (we tested using v1.04,) it is available at Unzip all the software you have downloaded using WinZip to directories of your choice. E.g.

      Software Directory
      FE3 C:\AtariST\FE3
      PaCifST C:\AtariST\PaCifST
      TOS 1.04 C:\AtariST\TOS_104

    Edit the PaCifST ini file, so that PaCifST knows where to find both TOS and a C drive for your virtual ST. E.g edit the "mount" and "tos" lines in PaCifST.ini:

    tos = c: \atarist\tos_104.img,"TOS 1.04 (uk)"

    Run PaCifST.exe and follow any instructions. All things being equal your PC should look and behave like an Atari ST - any problems read the error messages and consult the PaCifST documentation. If you have never used an Atari ST before be patient as it will no doubt seem slightly alien at first. Find (by double clicking) on one of the C drives the FE3 software you have downloaded. Double click the quikread.prg to view the FE3 documentation - I suggest you start with readme.txt.

I cannot answer technical questions concerning PaCifST. If you do get PaCifST running on your PC (which is not difficult) you should register it.If you intend to publish anything using the Fractal Engine - I would appreciate a small donation.

Good luck.

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